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We have provided protection to the first whistleblower

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In the first month of the office’s operation, we were contacted by 60 people, most of whom wanted to raise concerns about unfair practices in their communities and also needed advice. Among them was a teacher from western Slovakia who pointed out how temporary contracts were being illegally extended repeatedly at her school.

We have suspended the effect of the reprimand

Shortly after she informed the labour inspectorate, the school management gave her a written warning for breaches of work discipline. As the employer did not sufficiently demonstrate that this was not related to the filing of the notification, our office suspended the effect of the reprimand. Indeed, one of the consequences could have been the possible loss of employment if the reprimand had been repeated.

The teacher’s case is one of thirteen other cases we dealt with in September and, of course, since then our lawyers have received and are reviewing other notices on an ongoing basis.

How do you become a whistleblower?

If you have witnessed an unfair activity in the course of your work that threatens the public interest or is an offence and you do not want to leave it alone, you become a whistleblower. There is a lot to be gained for the company by your commitment. We can assist you in the process that may follow.
We will support you at every stage of the process. Every whistleblowing case is different and requires different procedures. That is why we have a team of lawyers at the office who are attentive and respectful to each case.

If you decide to report a crime of corruption, procurement fraud, abuse of public authority, or misdemeanours or other administrative offences, you have the right to be protected.
You can make a complaint in any area of work, but it is important that you have truthful and substantiated information.

If you have also encountered illegal activity in your work and need help reporting it, please contact us using the form on the website or by phone on freephone 0800 221 213 (Tuesdays – Thursdays, 9am – 12pm).

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