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About us

The Whistleblower Protection Office was established to provide legal advice and assistance to people who report actions with a negative impact on society. Formally, anti-social activities are understood as all crimes, offenses, administrative offenses, and actions negatively affecting society. Informally, the Office primarily supports citizens who expose corrupt practices and the protection of whistleblowers.

The Office was established with the adoption of Act no. 54/2019. The National Council of the Slovak Republic elected the Office’s first President, Mgr. Zuzana Dlugosova on February 5, 2021.

The Office for the Protection of Whistleblowers is located at Namestie slobody 29 in Bratislava. Beginning September 1, 2021, we will accept notifications from citizens about anti-social activities that endanger the public interest.



Our mission and values

The Office for for the Protection of Whistleblowers is located at Namestie slobody 29 in Bratislava. Since 2nd September 2021 we accept notifications from citizens about anti-social activities that endanger the public interest.

1. We protect brave and accountable whistleblowers
We are convinced that anyone who reports corruption or other illegal activity endangering the public interest should not be left alone. We will accompany those who report unlawful practices and protect them from targeted redundancies and other retaliatory actions. We offer legal advice and support throughout the process – from reporting through filing a criminal complaint to a court decision. We strongly believe that in order to live in a fair society we must all care for the common good. All reports of illegal use of public resources are an expression of responsibility. If public sources are embezzled, all of us are robbed. We support all brave and accountable whistleblowers who are willing to report corruption to create a better society.

2. We support fairness
We support all employers in building a transparent corporate culture. We help public administration entities and entrepreneurs to set up an internal system for reporting corrupt activities. We strongly believe that this is a great opportunity for us to help employers to eliminate corrupt practices at work. As a result, employers can adopt moral and ethical standards that contribute to high quality and productivity of employees‘ work and better management of public finances.

3. We are improving the anti-corruption environment
We use map surveys and other analytical tools to map, analyze and describe the current state of corruption in Slovakia. We also propose anti-corruption legislation and systematic changes and answer all questions regarding to the Whistleblower Protection Act.

4. To serve as an example – we are a transparent office
We are a team of public officials who are proud of the service provided to our society.  We follow high moral and ethical standards and ethics codes considering all specific rules for working with confidential information. We adhere to high moral and ethical standards, while considering all specific rules of access to sensitive data.


Mgr. Zuzana Dlugošová – Chairwoman 

Zuzana Dlugošová is a graduate of Comenius University Faculty of Law in Bratislava. As an attorney, she focused on administrative and constitutional law and defense of fundamental rights and freedoms. Her professional experience includes service as a lawyer for the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, Rule of Law Advisor at the U.S. Embassy in Bratislava, and extensive cooperation with human rights organizations. At Slovakia’s Judicial Academy, she trained judges, prosecutors, and and senior judicial officials in anti-discrimination regulation, international human rights mechanisms and the principles of judicial ethics. Since 2016, she has taught legal ethics at Comenius University’s Faculty of Law.

Matej Uhlík – Vice Chairman

Matej Uhlík graduated in political science at Comenius University in Bratislava and Central European University in Budapest. Throughout his studies, he completed internships and stays abroad in the US, Norway, and Iceland. After graduating, he worked for several ministries and state institutions and cooperated with the non-governmental sector. Before becoming Vice Chairman of the Whistleblower Protection Office, he worked at the Analytical Center of the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic. There he participated in several research and development projects.

Natália Pindrochová – Head of the Department of Prevention and Communication

Natália Pindrochová graduated in international relations at the University of Economics in Bratislava. She completed her academic degree in political science at Vrije Universiteit in Brussels and gained experience in international relations during an internship at the Slovak Embassy in Cuba. Until 2013, she worked in the field of marketing and public relations for several private companies. After graduating, she joined the US Embassy as a media coordinator. She later worked there for seven years as a communication and public relations consultant. As a volunteer she is involved in development projects focusing on youth, strengthening value education in schools, and preventing radicalization.

Organizational structure